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…it’s my birthday…i’m getting busy…found my wire…here’s some pictures…

pantech duo

pantech duo



from my mother in law

from my mother in law


from stashnstitch

and here’s what I’ve been working on…


chunky braided scarf


2x2 ribbed sock

2x2 ribbed sock



How could I forget to mention it.  Sunday a flurry, and Monday/yesterday an actual shower!  I love the first snows.  Some people dont count it a real snow untill it sticks, so I have the right to get giddy over the first snows untill we have it on the ground.  And come Feb. nobody is allowed to bring up how stupidly giddy I got in October.

I am sure he tries his best.  My own father called me and said he doesnt know many men who could have handled all the adversity my moron has handled.  So he called the new job to ask if he was supossed to start monday.  Yes, he did.  He was hoping to start on a Wed (Tues is unemployment day).  Beggers cant be chosers.  They told him to come start one week from Monday/yesterday.  So still it upsets a week of unemployment, but COME ON ALLREADY!!!  A paycheck vs unemployment……hmmm…no big brain twister to me, but I am sure he is trying his best. (and yes he did a 360 from bitching about not wanting to start on Mon, to he cant believe they are making him wait a whole week)

I think my best is better.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief.  He sucked up the famous ego, shot down his pride, and got a JOB!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I am a wee bit happy.  I should go ahead and shout a great big THANK YOU to stashnstitch for giving him a nice kick start up the butt.  I dont think I could have handled him at home for much longer.  Since the great layoff (which happened the same day I took a new full time position in the pharmacy) I have had to endure home projects that I dont believe will ever end.  My downstairs has been completely rearranged.  He even took up the wood flooring out of my living room, and MOVED it to what was formerly known as the blue room (it had blue carpet).  It would be so hard to explain the layout now, but it’s enough to know we’ve scrunched down, and have one completely useless room now.  Whatever.  That would be why I’ve been on haitus.  I have not wanted to concentrate or acknowledge the goings ons around me.  Now I won’t be just dwelling on negative things.  AHA thats it.  I had nothing nice to say, so I said nothing at all!  however….

…happy days are here again…

My husband was laid off on Monday August 18th.  I will be unavailable for a while.

Baseball tends to consume every waking minute of my families life the second I let my guard down.  I love letting #1 have fun, and he REALLY enjoys baseball.  I don’t think there are words to express how strongly he feels about baseball.  He came home from his Florida trip early because his team is in the C.A.B.A. tournament.  C.A.B.A. = Continental Amateur Baseball Association.  Teams from Mexico, Panama, Peurto Rico, and all over have come to our hometown of Mchenry, Illinois just to play baseball.  And my kids team is getting their butts spanked.  It’s rained a couple of times, so the schedules are all kinda being made up as we go along.  However it has opened #1’s eyes as to how much more he needs to put into his baseball if he seriously wants a chance at college ball.  And everyone seems to be trying to have a good time.  The international teams are just having a ball.  (I guess it helps to be winning)  Seriously it’s fun to see them visiting our country and having such a good time.  They take so many pictures.  They asked the opposing teams to pose with them, they even asked ME!!!  I was a little confused.  I don’t speak Spanish.  I was like why are you gesturing to me with the camera, there are literally 100 people who know what your saying and would gladly take your picture, but OK, I’ll take your camera and…no that’s not what you want …huh..then comes some translation help. She didn’t want me to take her picture, she wanted me to pose with her!!!  Next thing I knew it was like being famous. All the women were coming and putting arms around me, moving me, posing me and 5 camera’s flashing all at once!  It was kinda cool.  Of course I was in true mom attire, and not even a scrap of makeup, but whatever.  It was super fun.  I just hope nobody crops my face off and posts me on a nude body.  ha ha ha.  Or maybe they will be going home saying to their friends  “look how pale this blue eye’d devil is!!!  ha ha ha”.  lol.  Sorry, I amuse myself.

Sad note is that  #3 (the one with issues) did not enjoy our international visitors as much as I did.  The field really only had one spot of shade and my babies are as pale as I am.  I HAVE to keep them in the shade.  I think #3 was overwhelmed.  The onslaught of 50 people speaking at once in a language he didn’t understand left him helplessly confused.  It was heartbreaking to watch him.  We still have another day of the tournament, but I think I’ll be leaving early and having #1 get a ride home.  It’s just too much for #3, especially since we are suposed to go on vacation tomorrow.  (Stashnstitch here we come!!!)

#1 is up.  Gotta go get ready for today’s ballgames.

My summer is finally starting!!! Woohoo!!! Wednesday I took #1 to the airport. He is going to Florida to visit his other mother and her family. #2 is still in Madison, Wi., but he comes back tomorrow. He competes in his forms today. Keep your fingers crossed. Tuesday of next week I take #2 to the airport. Then I have two complete weeks without teenagers! What will I do with myself. My ICal looks so barren and empty. I guess i could fill it up with KNITTING KNITTING KNITTING. Yup thats right folks. I now have Knitting time!! Again… WOOHOO!!!! I think there is a fiber festival in Crystal Lake this month. I wish #1 were going to be back in time for that so I wouldnt have to take the youngers, but whatever. My other goal is to spend quantity time with the little ones. Thats right I said quantity. I plan on sitting on the couch in the play room instead of my living room to do my knitting. And said fiber festival may not be the ideal place for two little boys, but like I said quantity not quality.

On another note…one probably not going to be mentioned anywhere else…I am so totally stoked. My guru had to call ME to see what she was doing wrong on the impressionist sock. AND I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! One step closer to being a true Knitter.


I am SO proud of #2.  Even with the tension, he did his thing.  So proud.

I am a little irked. My 12yr old qualified for nationals in Tae Kwon Do. He has 2 gold medals in sparring, and a silver and bronze in forms. He is the top contender in his orange belt division. The event will be in Madison Wisconsin. He has been training every day, and I have been in contact with his coach every day. I was very clear, that I cannot afford to take 4 boys 4 hrs away and stay in a hotel for 5 days. His coach is always so reassuring, and helpful, and we totally had a miscommunication. My son says “We are leaving at 9am”. I said “From the school, or are they picking you up here?” He called his coach at 8pm to ask and his wife answers and tells my son “WHAT?! You think we are taking you? We are going on vacation.” EXCUSE ME?!?!?! Why did I have to pay an extra $70 for travel expenses (each person on the team had to ) if you are going to stay with family, and go on a vacation?!>?!?! This is a team event. I would expect the group of 10 students would get a group of rooms, with a couple of chaperones. That’s how it’s always worked when my older one goes on team travel to state competitions. So she tells him she’ll call back. When she called back and I had to speak to her, she sounded so put upon. Now I feel all weird and imposing. She said “We plan on eating out EVERY night.” So i told her that I had planned on sending him with $100 for the week. So she said that should help, but he had better bring a sleeping bag. Okay, I am now offended, and pissed. I clearly wrote in my email I cant afford for all of us to be there all those days. I would like to impose and offer some $$$ if he can ride with you and bring a sleeping bag. So of course my son heard the whole conversation. How can he possible be mentally prepared now to compete on a national level, with kids who will be going to the Olympics. Am I wrong to be upset? Shouldn’t this be a team travel thing? Other wise it was $100 to register, $100 for national team uniform, $70 “coaching fee” (Not to mention the $85 monthly dues), $100 spending money, and I am expected to pay my own hotel of at least $100 A DAY!!!

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