My poor neglected blog.  Between random internet blackouts (for no know reason) and 4 kids going back to school, hubby’s new job, my new 40 hr workweek, 2 kids in wrestling, and a tonsillectomy (which involved a 10 day visit from my mother and 12 yr old neice) I just havent carved out the time I need to do the update I want.

My mother liked her gift set, and the shawl stash sent her.  The scarf stash sent my neice went over extreamly well.  The colors “went” well with the coach wristlet I gave her.   Her first experience with snow was very memorable (24 inches!!!).

My mother liked the striped socks I made for hubby so much she’s commissioned some for my father out of my noro sock yarn. Which is turning out to be a nightmare, and will be its own post soon.

As usuall when a nightmare begins, I get startitis, and stash sends me new yarn…of course there is another project in the works.  I’ve started it 4 times now.  This noro seems to have issues with me.  I am trying the “simple” noro stripped scarf, and yes i can complicate ANYTHING.