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If you have me friended on ravelry you’ll probably notice I updated my stash.  No I didn’t go on a buying spree.  The stash had been accumulating next to my bed, and I finally got organized and offically stashed it in big ziplocks in my office closet.  Here are the promised pics of my gift set.

100_3475100_3469only two days to finish calorimetery!


credit where credit is due:  chunky braided scarf with modifications from THISCHARMINGYARN on Ravelry.

I love this set!!!


With a title like that you are probably expecting pictures.  As usual I am procrastinating.  There was a mysterious, red, cough drop remnant looking, piece of something on my scarf, so I CAREFULLY had to hand wash it.  I am waiting for it to dry, then taking the FO picture.  Just an FYI…wet alpaca STINKS!!!

I have decided a calorimetery with the leftover skein should compliment the scarf nicely and I am almost finished with it already.  So, definatly will have pictures coming.