I am so excited to share my  finished ribbed sock.  I used a gifted blue striped yarn, and modified the harlots basic sock recipe.  I continued the 2x2ribbing untill i began the toe.  It looks beautiful! It takes me about3 weeks to finish a sock, so Christmas is doable (they are for the grand moron of my life).

2nd…a Chunky reversible braided scarf!!!  The  most luscious thing I have worked on.  Classic elite Inca Marl alpaca in a green/white twist.  OMG.  I am SO in love with it.  And on size 11 needles, it is flying after my micro knit socks.

I wish I could share some pics I promise to clean my house so I can find my camera wire and upload pictures.  Did I mention the moron started remodeling on his “break” from work.  I should take some pics of that as well….