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My husband was laid off on Monday August 18th.  I will be unavailable for a while.


Baseball tends to consume every waking minute of my families life the second I let my guard down.  I love letting #1 have fun, and he REALLY enjoys baseball.  I don’t think there are words to express how strongly he feels about baseball.  He came home from his Florida trip early because his team is in the C.A.B.A. tournament.  C.A.B.A. = Continental Amateur Baseball Association.  Teams from Mexico, Panama, Peurto Rico, and all over have come to our hometown of Mchenry, Illinois just to play baseball.  And my kids team is getting their butts spanked.  It’s rained a couple of times, so the schedules are all kinda being made up as we go along.  However it has opened #1’s eyes as to how much more he needs to put into his baseball if he seriously wants a chance at college ball.  And everyone seems to be trying to have a good time.  The international teams are just having a ball.  (I guess it helps to be winning)  Seriously it’s fun to see them visiting our country and having such a good time.  They take so many pictures.  They asked the opposing teams to pose with them, they even asked ME!!!  I was a little confused.  I don’t speak Spanish.  I was like why are you gesturing to me with the camera, there are literally 100 people who know what your saying and would gladly take your picture, but OK, I’ll take your camera and…no that’s not what you want …huh..then comes some translation help. She didn’t want me to take her picture, she wanted me to pose with her!!!  Next thing I knew it was like being famous. All the women were coming and putting arms around me, moving me, posing me and 5 camera’s flashing all at once!  It was kinda cool.  Of course I was in true mom attire, and not even a scrap of makeup, but whatever.  It was super fun.  I just hope nobody crops my face off and posts me on a nude body.  ha ha ha.  Or maybe they will be going home saying to their friends  “look how pale this blue eye’d devil is!!!  ha ha ha”.  lol.  Sorry, I amuse myself.

Sad note is that  #3 (the one with issues) did not enjoy our international visitors as much as I did.  The field really only had one spot of shade and my babies are as pale as I am.  I HAVE to keep them in the shade.  I think #3 was overwhelmed.  The onslaught of 50 people speaking at once in a language he didn’t understand left him helplessly confused.  It was heartbreaking to watch him.  We still have another day of the tournament, but I think I’ll be leaving early and having #1 get a ride home.  It’s just too much for #3, especially since we are suposed to go on vacation tomorrow.  (Stashnstitch here we come!!!)

#1 is up.  Gotta go get ready for today’s ballgames.

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