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I have been hiding from the online world.  I am in denial.  If I dont say it, then it didnt happen.  I guess not happening is what happened.

I got absolutly NOTHING finished!!!

I had all that knitting time, and I got nothing finished.  I got 2  more projects started but i refuse to talk about them untill I have something finished!!!

I suffer severely from startitis.

So I guess the answer to  what have I been doing is…

stabbing my eyes out when the adulteress things keep wandering into unnecessary territories (new patterns).

I am banning myself from ravelrys pattern search untill I get at least one thing finished.


Other possible titles for this post:

1. My Unmentionables

2. Tangled

3. Mr. Bo-Tangles

4. My UFO’s

5. Why they are called UFO’s

6. Oh the tangled web I weave

7. The elephant in my closet

8. The 800lb. gorilla my husband better not mention

9. My brain on yarn

10. Why I need a ball winder

My summer is finally starting!!! Woohoo!!! Wednesday I took #1 to the airport. He is going to Florida to visit his other mother and her family. #2 is still in Madison, Wi., but he comes back tomorrow. He competes in his forms today. Keep your fingers crossed. Tuesday of next week I take #2 to the airport. Then I have two complete weeks without teenagers! What will I do with myself. My ICal looks so barren and empty. I guess i could fill it up with KNITTING KNITTING KNITTING. Yup thats right folks. I now have Knitting time!! Again… WOOHOO!!!! I think there is a fiber festival in Crystal Lake this month. I wish #1 were going to be back in time for that so I wouldnt have to take the youngers, but whatever. My other goal is to spend quantity time with the little ones. Thats right I said quantity. I plan on sitting on the couch in the play room instead of my living room to do my knitting. And said fiber festival may not be the ideal place for two little boys, but like I said quantity not quality.

On another note…one probably not going to be mentioned anywhere else…I am so totally stoked. My guru had to call ME to see what she was doing wrong on the impressionist sock. AND I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! One step closer to being a true Knitter.


I am SO proud of #2.  Even with the tension, he did his thing.  So proud.

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