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I am a little irked. My 12yr old qualified for nationals in Tae Kwon Do. He has 2 gold medals in sparring, and a silver and bronze in forms. He is the top contender in his orange belt division. The event will be in Madison Wisconsin. He has been training every day, and I have been in contact with his coach every day. I was very clear, that I cannot afford to take 4 boys 4 hrs away and stay in a hotel for 5 days. His coach is always so reassuring, and helpful, and we totally had a miscommunication. My son says “We are leaving at 9am”. I said “From the school, or are they picking you up here?” He called his coach at 8pm to ask and his wife answers and tells my son “WHAT?! You think we are taking you? We are going on vacation.” EXCUSE ME?!?!?! Why did I have to pay an extra $70 for travel expenses (each person on the team had to ) if you are going to stay with family, and go on a vacation?!>?!?! This is a team event. I would expect the group of 10 students would get a group of rooms, with a couple of chaperones. That’s how it’s always worked when my older one goes on team travel to state competitions. So she tells him she’ll call back. When she called back and I had to speak to her, she sounded so put upon. Now I feel all weird and imposing. She said “We plan on eating out EVERY night.” So i told her that I had planned on sending him with $100 for the week. So she said that should help, but he had better bring a sleeping bag. Okay, I am now offended, and pissed. I clearly wrote in my email I cant afford for all of us to be there all those days. I would like to impose and offer some $$$ if he can ride with you and bring a sleeping bag. So of course my son heard the whole conversation. How can he possible be mentally prepared now to compete on a national level, with kids who will be going to the Olympics. Am I wrong to be upset? Shouldn’t this be a team travel thing? Other wise it was $100 to register, $100 for national team uniform, $70 “coaching fee” (Not to mention the $85 monthly dues), $100 spending money, and I am expected to pay my own hotel of at least $100 A DAY!!!


Well…yesterday was our court date. I haven’t been sleeping and have been totally stressed. My paranoid freak hubby is SO KNOWN for diarrhea of the mouth. He decided to make me feel so much better by telling me to let him handle the talking. He’s been playing this in his head for days now, and knows EXACTLY what he wants to say. OMG!!! I thought, even if my bankruptcy gets thrown out, now He’s gonna go put himself in contempt!!! I just know it!!! Of course our last name starts with C, so we got to be second. I listened to the trustee guy GRILL the 20 something year old little girl in front of me, then our name was called. I really wanted to hork chunks everywhere. We sat down, swore in, and the trustee started with ME! He simply asked if the paperwork was true representation…blah blah blah. Simple yes sir/ no sir. I looked to husband once, and he started to open his mouth when the trustee stopped him, says “I am talking to her right now. You’ll get a chance. Just wait” HA HA HA!!!!! I had to suppress the smile and urge to scream BURN! I think he asked me 5 questions total, then looked at husband and all he was asked is “Do you agree with her?” okay again HA HA HA HA HA. Good ole Johnny boy got to say yes sir and that was it. We are bankrupt. I walked out of there a little straighter. The load that haD been weighing on my shoulders has shifted. Now it will be the pain in my ass. Does wonders for my posture.

Well…when you do toe up socks, it’s about increasing, not decreasing….DUH!!!

After a couple of tries I have my toe started. My lovely pattern just says: Using figure 8 cast on, cast on 8 stitches on each needle. Follow instructions till you have increased to 28 stitches on each needle. (I believe the pattern is for 2 circulars, and of course I use dpn’s. I believe the heel may give me fits, but thats another post for a later day) Hmm…follow instructions…THERE AREN’T ANY!!!! So I called my guru STASHNSTITCH, and she explained how to make one slant left, and make one slant right. (My bestest friend for a reason) At first I put the increases slanting the wrong way, then I figured out I needed to imagine it going up instead of down. I actually was looking at my sock it to me, to help me figure out right or left slant, but of course was looking at it from cuff to toe.

So…flip it this way,

and presto,

I got my toe going the right way. I am SO proud of myself.

So i decided I will try the Impressionist socks with my blue moon fiber arts rock your socks yarn.

I now need to learn the figure 8 cast on (YOUTUBE is GREAT!!!), and i recently saw a instructional video on improved ssk.  My ssk on my Sock it to me looks a little messy to me, so I think I may try this.

This is a toe up sock, so that also is a new trick for me to learn.  What can I say…I LOVE A CHALLENGE !!!

I try and try and try to be a nice mom.  I went grocery shopping with the younger two, and they had to sit on their hands in every aisle.  If I didn’t know that I wont have a car tomorrow, I would have left the groceries and gone home.  The older two failed their chore chart for the 2nd week in a row, hence they have one day unplugged in their room.  They didn’t give me a hard time about it, and when I went to take #2 to TKD only to find out it was cancelled today, I decided to let the older two out for 1 hr just to give some of the energy I know is building up an outlet.  I asked them to fill the baby pool for the youngers, then I went to clean the smell of cat piss out of hubbys closet.  Can you guess how long I got by myself to steam clean?  You got it…less than 5 min.  The elders thought it a good idea to try and play some form of soccer that involves one of them throwing a ball at the pool, while the other tries to protect the pool.  At least it’s not a hospital visit.  And yes it was #3 that got it in the face.  The same one who just had 2 outbreaks of chicken pox last month, even though he was vacinated, and right now has 5ths disease.

I doubt they will be able to play nicely, so I am doing without, and the elders are back in their rooms.  I doubt my sanitys ability to last the day, so I am doing without, and taking my crazy/happy pill.

Knitting blogs are becoming my favorite/best therapy ever.

“It’s not all about scrounging and making potholders out of blue jeans, it’s about re-thinking my autopilot consumer habits.

… I want my home and my life to have just what I need and love. It’s Goldilocks… — not too much, not too little … just the right amount of the right stuff.”

-Crazy Aunt Purl

Boy did she put some words to what I been feeling. Clearance compulsion is cluttering my home. I am going to try her essential shopping only attitude. Now I just have to stop convincing myself that if its on sale, I need it. I need a formula for figuring out necessity.

Hmmm… the part of my enlightenment book I’m suck on is about the difference of desire and desireless. “One way is to permit ourselves to practice more paradoxical thinking by recognizing that desiring (wanting) and desireless (allowing) are different and the same…rather like the mysterious ends of a continuum.” – Change your thoughts Change your life by Dr. Wayne Dyer

must contemplate….

I thing Crazy aunt purl is much clearer. STOP SHOPPING!!!

When I was a teenager I had a motto that I seem to have stopped living by. Okay I had more than one motto, but the one I am thinking of is:

When in doubt do without

So simple, yet so hard to apply.

Here are a couple of coasters I pumped out. Can I say how excited I am that I finished something in less than a day. YEAH!!!! (fist pump a la Tiger Woods)

one of two coasters

I really need to learn better blocking techinques. My combo corset is going to require better skills for me to be happy with it. However I am happy with how it’s turning out.

here’s the math that I don’t want to do. I am averaging 1 row of ribbing an hour. 8 rows = 1 inch. Pattern calls for 23 1/4 inches of ribbing. Enough of that train of thought…

I finished SOCK IT TO ME on fathers day just in time for my fist knitted gift.

plain jane, just the way my husband likes his things. I think they be ugly, but big man is happy with them, and them being cashmerino, they are the softest housesocks ever. Now that I have a better understanding of sock construction, I think I’ll try some for myself with this hank of Blue moon fiber arts socks that rock in the Knitting without borders colourway.

The Tao that can be told

is not the eternal Tao.

The name that can be named is not the eternal name.

The Tao is both named and nameless.

As nameless it is the origin of all things;

as named it is the Mother of 10,000 things.

Ever desireless, one can see the mystery;

ever desiring, one sees only the manifestations.

and the mystery itself is the doorway

to all understanding.




TAO – The way

TE – The shape and power

CHING – book

So obviously we have started a quest to enlightenment.  I am guessing this verse is similar to the first of many 12 step programs.  You know basically admitting that we cannot control(name) the unseen forces driving not only ourselves, but all of creation (the 10,000 things).  Accepting this let go and let god/whatever mentality, is easier said than done.  But I am trying.  I realize that while  I always tell my paranoid hubbo that everything happens for a reason, I have not really been accepting it myself.  This is my goal of the week.  instead of listing to “THE LOVE SHACK” that has been looping on my internal record player I will record a message of oneness with the un-understandable.



Summer is officially here. All the kids are out of school. I got the older boys the game “World of Warcraft”, and havent been able to get to the computer since. They love that game. Which is a good thing. Thats why I bought it, to keep them occupied and out of each others hair. It was good timing too. The weather here around Chicago has been weird. So many thunderstorms.

I dropped the stitches on my corset t. I think I fixed the garter stitch well enough. I had printed 2 sets of the pattern. One was just written out, and the other has lots of pictures. Turns out that the 2 sets had different directions for the armholes. Of course I first used the wrong ones, but it wasnt so hard to fix. It did require taking out 2 rows (yes i frogged rows with 200+ stitches in them ), and i think i’ve got it going right now.

I think the lace part turned out well. I wonder about blocking. I guess i have plenty of time before i have to worry about blocking.

Family visit is finished. The weather stayed nice for only 2 days. But they were the only two days that mattered.

The graduation party Sat. went well. I wish more parents showed up, but the 9 14yr/15yr old boys behaved themselves as best as can be expected.

(Thats duct tape)

They even went out of their way to include my 11 yr old niece.

(more duct tape)

I was disappointed at #1’s girlfriend. I think she could have dressed a little nicer, but hopefully I wont have to deal with her much longer.

#2 did alright during the party. Only because he got his butt whipped the day before. But ,really, I am alright with one day of whipping, if a nice week or agree-ability (is that even a word? ) follows.

#3’s party went well. 4 kids who had rsvp’d didnt show, but 7 kids did. One of the mom’s who has seen #3 a few times was shocked at how much more loose and unreserved he was. Holding it at his Tae Kwon Do place was the perfect idea. He was comfortable, and friendly. He got 16 transformers.

NO DUPLICATES!!! I just dont see how thats possible. Whenever I go shopping I can only find the ones he allready has. I guess it was karma/fate/whatever. He was/is SO SO happy.


what do you think. I had no time for nothing for myself. Now I am so tired, and my hands still hurt from all the cleaning. I am going to try super hard to finish the 2 weeks of laundry that I am so behind on, then I am taking one whole day off for myself and will do nothing but knit. I will fix my corset tee, and finish this second sock. BTW mother LOVED the stulpen, and it will be pulled out of hibernation soon with a finishing goal of Sept.

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