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My first post on the MAC.  Its been a busy few days with furious cleaning going on.   My hands are raw from scrubbing walls and floors.  My house is as germ free as it gets with all these kids and animals.  My parents are about 30 min away, so this will be quick.  I still have to tackle the piles in my office.  I have the rest picture perfect, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot get rid of ALL the piles.  I allready told my hubby that it looks like I have moved out of the kitchen.  So barren, and unpersonal.  Now my office.  Sorry just can’t do it.  I can organize the piles, and fill up the closet, but it will not be pile free.  Nope.


I am waiting for my mom’s input to finish the STULPEN.

Hmm did I mention I did the ends and button for Caliormetery?  well its done.

I have the 2nd sock to the turning of the heal point.  I am waiting for a time when husband is next to me to turn the heal.  I want him to appreciate my skills.

I started the combo corset T.  I am using knit picks gloss in dusk.   I am one row away from finishing the lace part.  I just noticed a spot in my garter stitch edging where I messed up.  One time, four lace rows down which I guess is 8 rows down(including pearls of wrong side).  I am still a newbie here.  Now I get to learn how to fix it by dropping the four stitches.  I cant frog that many rows of my first lace pattern and have a clue as to where I am.  Even if it was st st I couldnt frog.  It’s 210 stitches!  and 8 rows!!  Thats ALOT of time for me.  I knit SLOWLY.

I’ll update my pictures when this lovely/super busy weekend is over.  I have 8th grade graduation which for some reason is a super big deal here.  And #3 6th birthday, And my parents are here.  So baseball game tonight, grad. and family b day Fri., Sat. is grad. party AT MY HOUSE!!!!, and Sun. #3 b day party at the Tae Kwon do studio.  FUN FUN FUN

must go look like I attempted something in the office.



I B Mmmmacin’

How could I fail to metion that I have purchased 5 plane tickets to Washington D.C. to go visit my bestest friend ever?!?!?!?!?!?!?


key the Proclaimers 500 miles

I will post 500 posts, and I would post 500 more.  Just to be the one who post 1000 posts before I go insaine….

I realize there are no masses watching me, but for the audience in my head I shall now play Truman, and let you observe the show of my life…..

In other words I promise to keep up to date.  No more bottling it up.  No more worring someone will read this and what would they think.  Who cares if I sound depressing or stressed.  I know what a possitive person I really am.  I know the joy and happiness I bring to my own life, and dont need no stinking approval.  So a lot happens to me.  Big deal.  If I have enough crap going on to post 4 a day one on each kid…  Who says I have to condense?  Who says I have to be flipant?  Who says I have to do jack crap.

My parents are coming. 

 My father is a retired colonel with OCD.  I have 4 boys and 3 cats.  I have so much to do to get ready.  You would think all the kids could be pulled into labor, and I laugh at you.  Supervising them trying to work is worse then slamming my hand in the door over and over and over…..

It’s been strange in the neighborhood.  Today was the day the garbage men pick up all extra misc. trash.  They take furniture, appliances, wood, EVERYTHING. (They left my plastic pool filled with concrete.  )  You can imagine the heaps of crap everywhere.  People are driving thru with big trucks and MOVING VANS (yes seriously) doing some heavy duty trash digging.

I know I skipped a few days blogging.  I’ve been out of my happy pills.  The kids are totally winning this week.  #2…, I dont even know what to say about #2 yet.  #1 is in a good place.  I’m not hating on his phase of life right now.  However his majasty (#1) can sense this, and is getting away with not doing his part around the house by quietly being super busy.  He is graduating 8th grade at the end of the month (also #3’s 6th b-day).  Hence the aforementioned family visit.  His other grandmother (real mom’s mom) is even trying to come.  Wont that be something.  THere are three tickets.  I can see it now.  My hubby, his father in law (aka my dad), and his ex mother in law.    

All this has put #2 into acting out mode.  He has a 62% in L. A. and a 64% in Science.  He doesnt care.  He has missing work, and isnt doing it.  He got his 2nd in school suspension this quarter.  The first was for pantsing someone in PE (kinda funny), but the 2nd was for puching a kid in the stomach in PE.  I couldnt believe they didnt give him a true out of school suspension!  He has no remorse.  He came home telling #1 that kid was lucky they pulled him off blah blah blah.  I kinda lost it, yelled a bit, put him in his room unplugged. Unplugged means no electronics.  Their real mom called, and decieded to put her two cents in.  Which only resulted in him getting angry, hanging up on her, then kicking his wall till #1″s shelf fell off, breaking trophies.  Resulting in the 2nd physical fight of the week.  #1 can easily control #2.  We’re talking 135lbs and 82lbs.  #1 is a good kid, and wouldnt hurt #2, but two fights in one week in front of the younger ones.  Hubby is NOT happy.  I cant wait for therapy tonight.  I have a list.



(Cajun man -SNL)


key music Dave matthews so much to say

so much to do, so much to do, so much to doooo


I found a new favourite word today



Mamma always says if you aint got nothin nice to say, then you aint got nothin to say at all.

Holy magical cow batman!!!  Look what I managed to accomplish


I need to clarify. I know ribbing has no inside or outside.  It’s the cast on edge.  I used long tail cast on, and to me it looks like pearl bumps on the outside and a smooth wrapped edge on the inside.  Maybe a different cast on for my round wips would be better.

I think I just learned something else new today.  This is the outside of my Sock-it-to-me

And here is the inside: 


Is it inside out?????


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