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As best friends go, mine is a little nutty and a little “emoticon” happy. As you can tell.
Oh but wait, I am not Shinehappy. Newp. I am an intruder or helper to this blog to see what SH’s publishing issues are stemming from, and this is my test post.

As I see it, I think there is validity to her insanity. It appears that WP is indeed having bugs with their new version. So, let’s see what happens when I hit “publish” over here.

*ETA* Well, it published as I told it. But the HTML is having some problems. Maybe I need to add a photo, hmm….I need to find a photo….brb.


well, I lost the WHOLE post AGAIN.  Computer Smash  Deep breath. 


So, I am making a dishcloth.  Hopefully it will inspire my boys to clean.  Hopefully one day I can get a stupid picture to post without isuues.  Maybe one day i’ll take a nice photo with my real camera  Digital Camera 2  instead of my cell phone Cell Phone 4 .  Maybe one day I’ll stop being a lazy @#%.

So I am thinking of adding a garter stitch tab to the top of my dishcloth to attatch it to the oven handle.  We’ll see how it goes.


 Throw Computer This is a new computer.  why oh why do I still have issues?????

I finished Caliometery.  Most people say they did it in a couple of hours.  well, I’m a new self taught knitter, and have four booys, so it took me a week.  I consider it finished for my sanity.  It is off the needles.  I just dont know what I’m going to do with the ends.  I got a little angry at one of said boys, and knit to calm down, needless to say I knit tight when upset, so I kinda snapped my yarn, and now have some extra ends to weave, and cant make my mind up as to which will be the right side…blah blah blah

SO I have tried hard to stop obbsessing on this issue.  I have written about it, helped a little, then tried to knit some, stopped that when I broke my yarn (I knit a little tight) 

 I really want to finish calorimetery so I can take it to LYS on sunday and show it off.

Hubby came home from lunch, and I realized what my problem is.  I get a little longwinded sometimes, and to sum it up, my husband says if #2 is going to be a problem, then he can go back to Florida.  That is the problem.  What is the right thing to do?  hmmm…….

ARRRGGG….I have been up all night.  I just don’tknow what to do.  My kids are a long story.  The older ones are my step-sons, with a non involved mother from Florida.  I guess I should give some detail, and if anyone has any suggestions, please leave me comments…I really don’t know what to do.

so…When I was dating my now husband, one day a friend of mine stopped  by and told me that we needed to get Johns kids that day, cuz there was a raid planned on the house their mother was keeping them in.  I was blindsided.  I knew he had kids, and like all divorcees didn’t have much nice to say about his ex, but RAIDED????  And his kids are at this house??? So I called him, of course he was pissed, and we went to get his kids, that I had never met. 

The kids weren’t there.  We couldn’tfind the mother, and none of her family would talk to us.  We drove to Louisiana (we are from small place in Mississippi) to talk to her dad in person, and found the boys with him, and she had been put in rehab.  John has joint custody (she had guardianship-which came back to bite us in the butt) and suddenly we had kids. 

She was out of the picture for a while, and we struggled to get them set up and in a house blah blah blah…

When we hear from her again, she is now a fight attendant (her daddy works for an airline), out of rehab, but doesn’t want to upset the boys life, just wants to start visiting them sometimes.  Okay….kids need their mother…right???  We had had a few adjustment issues…some major, but had worked thru them.  The kids were now happier, and had accepted me in their life. 

We allowed her to start seeing them.  She was still a little goofy.  So we taught the kids life skills…ie. how to make some easy food, how to clean their clothes…these are things she would forget to do.  We also drilled our family phone numbers in the oldest, and taught him how to pay attention to surroundings, and to be on guard. 

One time they went with her for a weekend, and she left them alone while going on a flight.  The oldest was 7 at the time, called us and gave us directions to where they were in Louisiana, a 30 min. drive away, and thru some neighborhoods.  We were so proud of him.  He was so scared.  She got SO PISSED!!! 

The next time they went to see her, we had tropical storm Allison (we lived on the river), we got flooded, and couldn’t leave.  We even made the news.  She didn’tcare, she said we find a way to come and get them, or else. 

So or else happened, and she took them and moved in with the guy she was dating, to FLORIDA!!!!  We were devastated.  I have a hormone imbalance, so having my own kids was never really something we had thought of trying.  We got legally married, and tried our hardest to get those boys back.  As I mentioned earlier we had joint custody, however she had legal guardianship.  We were screwed.  SO SCREWED.  Not only did she have every legal right to do what she did, but she then sued us for back child support for the 3 years they were with us, and WON!!!!  I won’t go off on a tangent…I wont I wont I wont.  Side-note…It would be so much easier if I could knit and type at the same time…multi-tasking really helps me focus.  I know I know I have issues.

So..recap…at ages 3 and 5 boys moved in with us, at 8 and 6 she took them.  We had no contact with them for the next 3 years.  We had our wages garnished, taxed withheld, accounts seized, still sent $and cards for every holiday, and never heard a thing…tangent, sorry.  So skip ahead… We decide to start fresh.  Found a great doctor, and got pregnant.  Hard pregnancy, lots of shots, and hormones…..blah blah…  Hubby got job offer in Illinois, we jumped at getting out of our small town. 

3 yrs later, out of the blue, Kid#1 called me in Illinois.  I could hardly understand what happened.  Apparently he still remembered my in laws phone number, and got ours from them.  AMAZING.  He wanted to come home he said.  I still want to cry thinking about it. 

His mother was getting another divorce, and they were living in a really bad neighborhood, and it was the summer before #1 turned 12.  At 12 they can legally have a say in where they live.  OF COURSE YOU CAN COME!!!!!  His mother said we could see the boys for the summer.  We jumped at it.  Of course it was on our bill, but what else is new…tangent.  They came and they met there 2 new little brothers. It wasn’t all roses, this is real life, but we were all still happy, we think.  It is hard to tell.  #1 and us were really happy, but couldn’t get a read on #2.  He was 9 going on 10.  We wonder what he really remembers, and what she has told them.  

 So they went back, to go to school, and suddenly we were a part of their lives again.  #1 called all the time, can I come home, I am miserable.  I live in a ghetto, and #2 and mother fight all time.  Mother is always gone.  No one takes care of them.  Mother does inappropriate things, kids are flunking school.  We tried to have him finish 6th grade there, and if still bad, of course he was welcome.  Well, she sent him at Christmas, and he’s been here for almost 3 yrs now.  sidenote…we still have $ seizures and garnishments for all 3 yrs he’s been here…tangent.

So #1 moved in, on honor roll, top jock of his school.  We are so proud of him.  He’s a good kid. A teenager, but a good kid.  My husband has his own issues, and has a shrink.  So we had kid#1 see the shrink a couple of times, I mean good lord these boys have been thru a lot, and we were told he’s gonna be fine, and he is. 

#2 stayed in Florida.  He came to visit for x mas’ and summers.  It was awful.  Everytime he came, things went missing or broken.  He and #1 could not get along.  John and I now have 2 kids of our own.  #3 has a developmental delay/high functioning autism.  #4 is just a pain in the tookis.  We could not leave the older boys together with the babies.  (#3 and 4 are 16 months apart, and #1 is 8 YEARS older than #3)  I think the younger ones were 4 and 2 yrs old then. 

The mother started calling us saying she couldn’t handle #2.  He wouldn’t go to school, and was flunking, and fighting her physically.  She said he was jealous of the family life we have here.  So we invited him to come that august to try 6th grade here, and have a chance to change his life.  She sent him 2 weeks later (in May), and it’s almost been a year.   

The first thing that happened was the older boys got caught shop lifting in the retail store I work at, while I was working.  A lot of stuff.  We found over 50 bottles of cologne, and over 2000, thats right 2000, pokemon cards.  #3 has an obsession with pokemon cards, and they had even been stealing from him.  They got caught at my store, but my store let them go, then told me about it.  I went home, and we called the cops on them.  They had to return the merchandise to the store.  John took them to the shrink, and of course it’s a mommy issue thingie I represent blah blah blah psycho babble.  So I quit working full time.  Now I only work on Saturdays when john is home supervising. 

#2 is never alone.  We took him to our doctor and our shrink, both say he should be tested for ADHD.  They advise us to have it done thru the school.  So when I register him, I sign him up to be evaluated without his knowing.  The results show the teachers think he has some attention problems, but they dont see hyperness.  This kid literally bounces and spins off my walls.  We put him in Tae Kwon Do, and he has won 3 gold medals.  His spins and energy are amazing.  He is favored to win gold again in the National championship.  We dont’ understand how he keeps himself together in school, but the second he comes home, the #$^% hits the fan.  He can’t focus on any chore, or maybe he just doesnt want to.  Nothing gets finished.  I check every homework, thank god the school posts it online, he lies constantly.  He say he has nothing to do, I check, and he does.  He doesnt’ even apologize for lying.  He just get s caught and we force him to complete his crap.  Then we check it and make sure it’s right.  Then he fixes it.  He has honor roll for the first time in his life.  We keep him occupied in sports.  He never wants to go, but then is good when he gets there.  He hates his little brothers.  I know its a strong word, and really I have never been able to pin any emotion except anger to this kid, but I truely think he hates them. 

We have been taking #2 to his own counseling.  His counselor says she thinks he’s doing allright.  She wants to drop his appts to once a month.  Then, for no reason I find #1’s favorite expensive brand name jacket ALL CUT UP and hidden in #2’s room.  (I do occasional room checks since the shop lifting)  So we take them both to the next therapy session.  They are supposed to go to their mother’s this summer for 1 month, and the therapist says she’d like to see them together every 2 wks until then, to help them get ready for that, and she can sense some issues between the 2 of them.  UH…DUH!!!!!!

So last night was therapy night.  I could tell #2 was a little wound up.  The spinning and sharp remarks…I am not an idiot.  I grew up with a dysfunctional brother.  I know the signs, and the damage.  I don’t want any of these kids to grow up the way I did.  I really want #2 to have a chance to change his life.  I am really worried that we might be hurting the other 3 kids though.  

 Anyways…therapy night…we kind of set #2 up.  He has been mean/ jealous/ hateful towards #3.  #3 doesnt have the ability to understand it.  John and I are frustrated that #2 has not displayed any of his problems to anyone who can help us.  Does that make sense?  We are trying to help him, but he is able to put up a good show for the school, and therapist.  I don’t think he wants to change.  So yes we set him up.  #1 said he didn’t really have anything to talk to the therapist about, so we told him to tell her anything about #2 that bothers him.  Maybe like how jealous he is of #3.  Then we gave #1 money for some things he has planned in front of #2, without giving #2 anything, and told them they were off to therapy. 

Thats all it took.  John took them to the appt, and let them go back without him, and said he could hear them in the waiting room.  #1 metnioned#3, and #2 went off. ” #3 and #1 get EVERYTHING!!!!!  #3 is spoiled…#3 #3 #3…”  something to that effect.  #2 would not sit down, and was throwing a ball against the walls, would not calm down or listen to therapist at all.  (#1 told us about what went down in there at home) At one point he was using cotton balls to represent all 4 of the boys and put #1 way off by himself, and then took #3 and 4 and threw them down on the ground and stomped them.  Says there…that’s how our family is…or something like that. It kinda scares me.  I used to wake up with my angry brother staring at me in the middle of the night.  I used to sleep with a hammer under my pillow.  Am I projecting that awful scary feeling to this situation?  #1 mumbled something about having to listen to #2 talk about torture.  TORTURE!!!!!!!!  #2 is learning about midevil times in school, and has commented on the weird things they used to do then…um…TORTURE!!!!!!  ( side note – He got detention at the beginning of the year for squashing a frog during a field trip while someone was explaining about the frog to his class)

What do I do?


 I have probably another inch completed, but the photo came out super red.  The darker is the correct color. 

Can you see the kids winding… 

I think he has some potential.  Video games may have taught him a valuable skill Smile  .

I hear the little munchkins… must start new day…trudge trudge…

So I had this whole thing posted, and a little blurp about wondering if my photos would post, thought I might be having an issue.  Little did I know that THE WHOLE POST was having issues.  I wasted 20 min. of precious morning getting ready time, Shock 3 and the whole thing was lost.   whatever.

I shall try again…thinking this is a theme of mine….


again photo issues…just going to stop and take 4 yr old to speech class, and try again this afternoon.

WELL…stulpen is off the needles,  but missing a thumb.



I washed it, and am very happy with how the stitches evened out.  This yarn is SO soft.  I love it.  Also, I don’t think the mess up on the chart is too noticeable.  Today I plan on visiting a different LYS.  This one has good reviews on Ravelry.  Then child #3 has a playdate which will require a lot of supervision, so not much knitting is gonna get done today.  It is a lovely spring day today, I hope hubby gets to go hit a bucket of golf balls, and still have enough energy to barbeque up some ribs  Teethy .  

On another note, I started calorimetry last night, then kid #4 played with my yarn, and had oodles of it strung out and about the living room.  Very proud of my self control, I did not yell.  I simply said “I know you don’t want to get in trouble, and that you want to clean up your mess in here before trouble finds you.”  And nothing, so I said “If you come clean it up now, you wont get a spanking, but if I have to make you then you will get one.”  Again I restraining from yelling, and yes he did come wind it up (“like a game controller” he said … cute).  Is it considered bribing if you withhold something instead of promise something?? 

So I am using the yarn I had left from my “fetching” project.  I am not so enamored with this yarn, but at least it will match my gloves, and use up this one ball of yarn from the stash, that I am not super attached to.  I will post a picture of calorimetry tomorrow.  I am off to a busy day with all these boys.  #2 has already started his day off wrong, and has basically been having an off week.  Could it be testosterone fluctuations   already?  I guess he’s at the age #1 started at (12), but he is so much smaller than his older (14) brother.  So now I think 2 of them are in puberty  Perplexed Perplexed I will definitely be completely gray before Christmas.

So, I found this beautiful free pattern on Ravelry.  It just screams make me for your mom.  It is SO my mother.  I should have known it would challenge me, when stashnstitch said “stupid stulpen…ha ha ha.”

It is so pretty, and probably if I had more experience it would be a quick knit.  Well stupid stulpen has been trying to kick my butt from cast on.  No, before cast on.  Lets show how winding my first hank went

  Such a good omen.                             BIG HONKING MESS

So then I had to learn the Norwegian cast on aka twisted German cast on.  Thank you Youtube, I would have NEVER figured that out without video.   So I cast on, then twisted my join. 


Cast on again…

  and now I am in love with the project.  It is gorgeous.  The yarn is soft (first time using sock yarn) and stretchy. My mother will LOVE this.  Then, I get to the chart.  I have never read a chart.  It was a tad confusing, but I had this…I got a highlighter to make sure I would not lose my place.  The directions for the thumb stumped me, but I just plowed through it and it worked.  I guess I am one of those who has to do something to understand. Mother always called it learning the hard way, and probably for good reason.  I got so occupied with how this thumb gusset worked, that I did not pay so much attention to my chart, and:

     not so noticeable untill pointed out, but one of the cables is going over when it’s supposed to go under. 😦


good news…see that thumb gusset…IT WORKED!!!   So on this full sized stulpen swatch, I learned how to wind a ball, a new cast on, how to read a chart, and a new thumb gusset technique.  I know what your thinking…did she say full sized swatch!??!?!  Yes I did.  Frog the mistake??  Um… not happening.  I learned so much from this, and frogging would mean ripping out time invested, and a commitment to fix my mess up.  Hmmm…yeah…not happening.  Mom lives in deep south, and ain’t gonna need these gloves for a while,  I am thinking my estimated finish date to be her birthday in September. 


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