My poor neglected blog.  Between random internet blackouts (for no know reason) and 4 kids going back to school, hubby’s new job, my new 40 hr workweek, 2 kids in wrestling, and a tonsillectomy (which involved a 10 day visit from my mother and 12 yr old neice) I just havent carved out the time I need to do the update I want.

My mother liked her gift set, and the shawl stash sent her.  The scarf stash sent my neice went over extreamly well.  The colors “went” well with the coach wristlet I gave her.   Her first experience with snow was very memorable (24 inches!!!).

My mother liked the striped socks I made for hubby so much she’s commissioned some for my father out of my noro sock yarn. Which is turning out to be a nightmare, and will be its own post soon.

As usuall when a nightmare begins, I get startitis, and stash sends me new yarn…of course there is another project in the works.  I’ve started it 4 times now.  This noro seems to have issues with me.  I am trying the “simple” noro stripped scarf, and yes i can complicate ANYTHING.


If you have me friended on ravelry you’ll probably notice I updated my stash.  No I didn’t go on a buying spree.  The stash had been accumulating next to my bed, and I finally got organized and offically stashed it in big ziplocks in my office closet.  Here are the promised pics of my gift set.

100_3475100_3469only two days to finish calorimetery!


credit where credit is due:  chunky braided scarf with modifications from THISCHARMINGYARN on Ravelry.

I love this set!!!

With a title like that you are probably expecting pictures.  As usual I am procrastinating.  There was a mysterious, red, cough drop remnant looking, piece of something on my scarf, so I CAREFULLY had to hand wash it.  I am waiting for it to dry, then taking the FO picture.  Just an FYI…wet alpaca STINKS!!!

I have decided a calorimetery with the leftover skein should compliment the scarf nicely and I am almost finished with it already.  So, definatly will have pictures coming.

…it’s my birthday…i’m getting busy…found my wire…here’s some pictures…

pantech duo

pantech duo



from my mother in law

from my mother in law


from stashnstitch

and here’s what I’ve been working on…


chunky braided scarf


2x2 ribbed sock

2x2 ribbed sock

I am so excited to share my  finished ribbed sock.  I used a gifted blue striped yarn, and modified the harlots basic sock recipe.  I continued the 2x2ribbing untill i began the toe.  It looks beautiful! It takes me about3 weeks to finish a sock, so Christmas is doable (they are for the grand moron of my life).

2nd…a Chunky reversible braided scarf!!!  The  most luscious thing I have worked on.  Classic elite Inca Marl alpaca in a green/white twist.  OMG.  I am SO in love with it.  And on size 11 needles, it is flying after my micro knit socks.

I wish I could share some pics I promise to clean my house so I can find my camera wire and upload pictures.  Did I mention the moron started remodeling on his “break” from work.  I should take some pics of that as well….


How could I forget to mention it.  Sunday a flurry, and Monday/yesterday an actual shower!  I love the first snows.  Some people dont count it a real snow untill it sticks, so I have the right to get giddy over the first snows untill we have it on the ground.  And come Feb. nobody is allowed to bring up how stupidly giddy I got in October.

I am sure he tries his best.  My own father called me and said he doesnt know many men who could have handled all the adversity my moron has handled.  So he called the new job to ask if he was supossed to start monday.  Yes, he did.  He was hoping to start on a Wed (Tues is unemployment day).  Beggers cant be chosers.  They told him to come start one week from Monday/yesterday.  So still it upsets a week of unemployment, but COME ON ALLREADY!!!  A paycheck vs unemployment……hmmm…no big brain twister to me, but I am sure he is trying his best. (and yes he did a 360 from bitching about not wanting to start on Mon, to he cant believe they are making him wait a whole week)

I think my best is better.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief.  He sucked up the famous ego, shot down his pride, and got a JOB!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I am a wee bit happy.  I should go ahead and shout a great big THANK YOU to stashnstitch for giving him a nice kick start up the butt.  I dont think I could have handled him at home for much longer.  Since the great layoff (which happened the same day I took a new full time position in the pharmacy) I have had to endure home projects that I dont believe will ever end.  My downstairs has been completely rearranged.  He even took up the wood flooring out of my living room, and MOVED it to what was formerly known as the blue room (it had blue carpet).  It would be so hard to explain the layout now, but it’s enough to know we’ve scrunched down, and have one completely useless room now.  Whatever.  That would be why I’ve been on haitus.  I have not wanted to concentrate or acknowledge the goings ons around me.  Now I won’t be just dwelling on negative things.  AHA thats it.  I had nothing nice to say, so I said nothing at all!  however….

…happy days are here again…

My husband was laid off on Monday August 18th.  I will be unavailable for a while.

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